A Touch of Claas Salon, Spa and B & B 

Energy work

Reiki, Quantum Touch, Chakra Clearing Sessions:    Energy blockages often manifest in areas that are "sore" to the touch. This can lead to dis-ease, which may eventually result  in health issues..  Reiki, Quantum Touch and Chakra Clearing modalities are all forms of energy healing that works by unblocking "stuck energy" so that it can flow unhindered through the body. This promotes self-healing and enables the body to return to its natural state of equilibrium.

Similar modalities such as Raindrop Therapy, meditation sessions, Spiritual Art with interpretation,

Zytos and Qi-gong are available. 

​Please call 660-882-2600 with any questions or for more information.  

Salon Services

Hair:   Cut & Style;  Shampoo & Style;  Perms;  Highlights;  Conditioning & Single Color. Treat yourself to a customized Scalp Massage with Aromatherapy using Young Living Essential Oils chosen especially to meet your needs. Oils may promote relaxation as well as help relieve headache , sinus and neck discomfort.

 Ear Candling: A muslin cylinder is gently placed in the ear canal and lit to create a slow vacuum.  With no discomfort, old earwax and toxins are removed helping to relieve built-up pressure and blockage.

 Spa Nails:   Our nail treatments include hand and arm massage up to the elbows for manicures and foot and calf massage up to the knees for pedicures.  We offer traditional, French and spa manicures for natural nails only; traditional, French and spa pedicures; polish changes and shellac application.